Moor & Tor

For most visitors to Dartmoor, it’s granite Tors are their most abiding memory.  The number of Tors depends on who produced the list, but there are 154 Tors marked on the 1:25000 OS map of Dartmoor.  If you add in the named hills, rocks and outcrops known to locals, it is easy to come with four times that number!

When people talk about ‘the moors’ they are usually referring to the open areas and common land of the ‘high moor’.  These areas are a mixture of grassland and blanket bog.  The former often provides hard walking over ‘peat hags’.  The blanket bog or ‘mires’ are treacherous and potentially lethal. If you do not know the few safe routes across they are best avoided or circumnavigated.  

We are constantly challenged to capture images that emote the grandeur, scale, and sense of isolation that we feel in these wilder parts of the moor 

Further reading ‘Dartmoor Tors Compendium’. J M Collingwood, 2017, Tavicinity Publishing, Okehampton.

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