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We are Peter and Karin Brooks.  We are fortunate to live in South Devon and have been walking Dartmoor for the last 40 years. The last eight years we have been accompanied by our Border Collie Meg.

Ten years ago, we started a project combining three of our favourite pastimes, walking Dartmoor, photography and visiting pubs.  The aim of our project was to visit every Ordnance Survey grid square in the Dartmoor National Park (1044 of them) and to take a photograph of something of interest in, or from, each square.

In the course of our project, we discovered Anthony Francis Jones’ Dartmoor 365 Facebook Group and over 1000 of our images have been posted in that group. 


We also got to know Rob Naylor, who owns the Dartefacts website.  Rob invited us to work with him and so far we have provided ~600 record shots of artefacts listed on his website.


We are members of two photographic clubs and that encourages us to keep learning new photographic and post-processing techniques and to explore new genres.  Consequently, there is a great variety of subject matter in our galleries.  We hope you will find something you like.

If you are interested to know what equipment we use, click on Kit.

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