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I've been intending to produce a website for years. It's proved quite a challenge. It's been a case of an old dog learning new tricks.

I’ve been intending to try and build a website for a long time, but somehow I ‘never got around to it’.  There were always more interesting things to do, like getting out to Dartmoor, or the coast and taking photographs.  Covid-19 changed all that. The lock-down prevented us getting out and about as we normally do.  So, it seemed like an ideal time to have a go at building a website. After all it can’t be that difficult can it?  All the young bloggers seem to find it as simple as writing a diary. 

I’ve found it an interesting challenge and much more fun than doing crosswords or Sudokus. Never the less, it has also been incredibly frustrating and time consuming.  I constantly found myself asking ‘what have the internet generation got against instruction manuals?’  Why is there no logical starting point? Why do those producing page building software hide key controls in the most obscure places?  Perhaps they grew up playing computer games in which ‘finding things’ was the main purpose of the game.  It seems they think that is how their customers should experience site building. 



It seems a bit presumptuous for us to publish a photography website. After all, we are just walkers who take photographs, rather than serious photographers.  However, we do visit some interesting places and sometimes we get an image that we feel is worth sharing and that is our justification for creating this site.

We have started to populate the site and will both add more images to the current galleries and add new galleries over time.  If you enjoy what you see, we would love you to subscribe to our mailing list.  We will Email you a short Newsletter from time to time to alert you when we add new galleries and posts.  Don’t worry we wont try and sell you anything!

A word of thanks…

I have never constructed a website before, so I want to acknowledge the help I have had from Graham Dunn, who got me started and from Sonny Sharma from Green Turtle Labs, whose patience and advice has been invaluable. 

Thank you guys.


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