Nature Photography

Bee Ready!

Reduced opportunities for travel have meant that photographers have needed to look closer to home for inspiration. Visiting insects can make great subjects. With a bit of forward planning you can bring even more insect ‘models’ to your door. Photographers are not necessarily gardeners (and vice versa). So, if you are a photographer who has no real knowledge of gardening here are a few simple things that you can do to attract more subject matter.


Rhapsody in blue(bells)!

Every May we look forward to the appearance of bluebells. They put on a spectacular show in the woodlands and on the open moors in our region and nothing can compare with the heavenly scent of a bluebell wood in flower.


Lock down – time to explore the garden!

Locked down by the Covid 19 epidemic we have to look for photographic opportunities close to home. Karin has been exploring the garden!


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